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DnD: Curse of Strahd

Welcome to Barovia. Picture from here

Here you can find our group’s adventures in the Dungeons and Dragons 5e campaign ‘Curse of Strahd’. There will be shadows.

The campaign intro:

I would like to invite you to go on an adventure in a land surrounded by lingering shadows and creeping mists. In a land full of hauling wolves, whimpering mothers searching for their lost children and brothers desperately trying to save their sisters. Let’s go on an adventure, where ancient passion still haunts a dark castle to this day and where sun ray has not broken clouds for centuries. You will meet colorful strangers, fortune tellers, corrupted souls and those who have long ago lost any kind of humanity in this long forgotten and cursed land.


Greta – Tiefling sorcerer Medea Sorrowbow;
Kamilė – Halfling rogue Roscoe;
Jeremy – Half Orc paladin Robert Hawke;
Joris – High Elf bard DeShawn Terell Green;
Paulius B. – Human fighter Sean Beanperson;
Paulius M. – Half Elf sorcerer/cleric/wizard Fiercenanda.

Session 1: Introduction and Mysterious Letter

Session 2: Durst family: Secrets and Dungeons

Session 3: Monster and Many Meetings

Session 4: Pies and Cards