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Session 5: New friend and spirits marching

As the Land Slaviors were preparing to sleep at the Tser Pool camp, DeShawn noticed his bow was missing and freaked out a little. The party also watched a strange parade of gloomy green lights marching up above on the rocks and fall where the bridge was.
During the night, in their sleep DeShawn and Medea heard a song, like a children’s lullaby, somewhere in the forests, its lyrics inviting to follow a beautiful female voice. But they continued sleeping.
In her sleep, Medea also felt someone softly caress her hair and leave a gentle kiss on her forehead. In the morning she found a letter, tucked between her head and pillow.

Sean has left the Land Slaviors in the dead of night and set on his own adventure to restore his conscience. Who knows, where this journey would lead him.

In the morning the party shared a hearty breakfast with Vistani, and Robert insisted on learning how fortune telling worked. One of the younger ones tried to explain it and was eventually forced to show it. He only managed to peak in the universe of possibilities and told someone, named Luvash, was in trouble and needs help.

The Land Slaviors finally left the Vistani camp with the rented horses, for which DeShawn paid. Everyone concentrating on their own things – Medea crying over Sean’s departure and Ireena trying to console her, Fiercenanda reading Van Richten’s guides, Robert obsessed with prophecy of avenging so far unknown brother, DeShawn wondering where his weapon was and eating frosted pie, and Roscoe silently trembling with unspeakable fear, the party rode up the hills.

When the path led into a forest, they heard a desperate cry for help deeper among the trees and only Medea and Robert dared to run to help. Others, claiming to be protecting Ireena, remained on the road.

Medea and Robert ran among the trees to a small clearing where they found three wolves and a direwolf surrounding an already injured man trying to defend himself. Adventurers immediately started attacking the beasts, Medea fought the direwolf with her magic and, although seriously wounded, won, while Robert also bravely slaughtered them.

Rescued, the young man thanked his saviors and introduced himself as Vasili von Holtz from Vallaki. He explained he had a stupid bet with wolf hunters from the town, that he could hunt down and kill a wolf and bring beast’s head to them as a trophy. He gravely overestimated himself and was deeply grateful to Medea and Robert. He also agreed to lead them to Vallaki and joined the party.

Vasili von Holtz

Returning to the horses, the girls noticed, the Vasili was not only talkative, but also attractive and smelled wonderfully.

They continued their journey and crossed the bridge, which just yesterday in the dark loomed over the bridge. They eventually reached what he called ‘Gates of Ravenloft’ – a crossroad, where one road led towards the Castle Ravenloft further up the mountain, and the other – towards Vallaki and Krezk. They decided to camp on a hill nearby.

At night, during her watch, Medea noticed Vasili couldn’t sleep and started reading a book – ‘Van Richten’s guide to Vampires’. Intrigued, she asked what was that and Vasili answered he ‘was studying his enemy’. They also discussed ways to kill vampires, used the book to debunk some myths and discovered Van Richten was indeed a professional monster hunter, maybe even as scary as his prey. Later, Fiercenanda took over the watch and got a chance to read this book too.

Also, just before the midnight and falling asleep, the party witnessed what Vasili explained as ‘March of the Dead’: hundreds of spooky, pale green lit shadows marching from where Barovia was up the road towards Castle Ravenloft, where an intense lightning – looking like battle – ended in most of those lights falling thousand feet off the bridge. Vasili explained these were spirits of all of those who at some point tried to challenge Count Strahd and miserably failed.

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