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Session 2: Durst family: Secrets and Dungeons

Session 2: Durst family: Secrets and Dungeons

The party stayed at Rose and Thorn’s room at the House. The ghosts told the group how they died: their parents, the Dursts, had a tradition of inviting various strange people for dinners and, after locking the children in their room, going downstairs to the cellars to do something. Once, the children were locked in the room and no one ever came back. So they starved to death.

The children

The party performed the last rights of the children and left their bodies in their beds. Eventually the party found a new, previously undiscovered door in the storage room and descended the stairs. Almost at the bottom of it, the party found a terrified halfling cradling their pet cat. Both sides scared, the halfling jumped to run down the stairs, the party chased him and caught up at the bottom, by hardwood door. Both sides interrogated each other briefly and discovered they had a similar goal – escape this haunted house.

The party, with the new member, Roscoe, continued to the dungeon, which smelled of mildew and rot, where they found burial crypts of the Durst family, but all of them were empty. Exploring they found quarters, where someone used to live at some point: there were beds and other furniture, some loot. Deshawn was especially pleased by finding an ivory hair brush with silver bristles. There was also a pouch made of human skin, the party buried it in the well in the center of this abandoned underground room. Suddenly they started to hear chanting, but could not understand words.

Fiercenanda separated from the group and almost fell into a spike trap under a door at the end of a corridor.

Meanwhile the other party members found dining room where, above a large table, hung a dead, decomposing corpse. Having seen a family portrait in the main rooms of the house, the party decided it must be body of Gustav Durst, head of the family. As they took down the body and it collapsed onto the table, a black shadow emerged from it and attacked the group. With joined effort the group defeated the shadow and it disappeared.

Continuing exploration of the Durst House’s dungeon, the group stumbled upon some ghouls, which almost devoured some of the party, but shared healing powers and spare the dying saved them.

The group looted some rooms and eventually discovered Dark Lord’s Shrine, decorated with skeletons. Dark statue of hooded figure unexpectedly raised its head and glanced at Fiercenanda and Robert when the two started praying. Someone is now aware of party’s presence in Barovia. Here they also found a crystal orb and Medea took it to use as arcane focus.

On the left of the big sculpture you found a long niche with stairs and a smaller similar sculpture at the top of it. There you also found a trap
door, leading into a house’s general dinning room, with fresh looking but stale food served for dinner.

While others returned to the dungeon, Robert started preparing a fire in the room. Couple of the group wandered to another room where they were attacked by a ghoul claiming them as a sacrifice to dark lord. The ghoul was defeated and they found loot of spell scrolls.

Finally the group found another staircase leading even lower to a room full of weirdest trinkets, which they set on fire. The chanting was also coming from somewhere close, and now the party understood it was ‘He is ancient, he is the land’. In a corridor they stumbled on another ghoul and after defeating it they found a chamber with a large pool of dirty, stinky water and an alter in the middle of it.

When some of the group climbed onto the altar, the chanting changed to ‘One must die’ and 13 cultist in red robes appeared out of thin air. The group tried to set them on fire and attack them in various ways, but this seemed to be fruitless.

While most of the party where discussing ways to trick cultists with a fake sacrifice, Sean Beanperson decided to take matters into his hands and attempted to sacrifice himself. Was it a sincere gesture to save his new friends or was it because he feels guilty about past deeds? Or was it to impress a lady?

When Medea hindered him, Sean kissed her and Medea was surprised and confused. Is it love being born or was it moment’s passion in face of danger?

Meanwhile, curious halfling went to inspect a cave in the wall and woke a pile of trash, rotten twigs and vines and flesh. The mound slowly started moving towards the party and the cultists started chanting ‘Lorgoth the Decayer, we summon thee’.

Shambling Mound
Shambling Mound

The party tried showering it with arrows, slashing and setting fire to it, but the Mound reached and engulfed Robert. What is going to happen to him? Is there something inside of the Shambling Mound?

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