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Curse of Strahd: Introduction and Mysterious Letter

Curse of Strahd: Introduction and Mysterious Letter

I have been playing Dungeons and Dragons for a while now in my friend Jeremy’s campaign. His game and story are hilarious and interesting for my Half Orc Tuskee, but I wanted something different too. I wanted more drama, more tension and more horror. And so I decided to run the campaign of ‘The Curse of Strahd’ by Wizards of the Coast.

For my first time I decided to run ‘Curse of Strahd’.
Yes, for my first campaign.

Our group has six players:
Greta – Tiefling sorcerer Medea Sorrowbow;
Kamilė – Halfling rogue Roscue;
Jeremy – Half Orc paladin Robert Hawke;
Joris – High Elf bard DeShawn Terell Green;
Paulius B. – Human fighter Sean Beanperson;
Paulius M. – Half Elf sorcerer/cleric/wizard Fiercenanda.

And me, as a DM.

Mysterious Letter

For various reasons, searching for some things, people or explanations, our travelers found themselves in the town of Sunpines. Having performed some services to the Burgomistress of Sunpines, Lady Lydia, they were invited to dinner at her mansion.

After delicious meal with wine and long talks about the harvest and other mundane things, Lady Lydia, handing a letter, asked the group to help her fellow burgomaster Kolyan Indirovich in Barovia town, in nearby, yet distant and secluded land of the same name. Although Lydia had never met Mr. Indirovich or been to Barovia herself, she trusted he would reward the group of adventurers for helping save his beloved daughter.

Burgomistress generously ordered group’s weapons silvered and provided them with accommodation in local tavern, she also organized some horses.

After some of the group smoking some pot and Sean having dreams about peas, the group woke up and had breakfast at the tavern, shared some fleece and departed. After some hours of traveling north, the group reached outskirts of a quite thick forest where they found a Vistani camp, Lydia had mentioned before. The group joined the camp.

Our adventurers watched Vistani women dance some strange, yet beautiful dances around their colorfully decorated travel wagons, had some chats with them, organized a wagon pulling competition and a very successful gamble for some and unlucky for others.

Suddenly everyone heard wolves howling somewhere in the woods, close to the camp and the Vistani ran off to hunt them leaving the camp in group’s hands with a couple of teenagers. As the night fell our travellers also went to sleep and mists, which have been following from town, started to engulf the camp and made the nightwatch fall asleep too.

Our adventurers all woke up in a middle of a clearing in an unfamiliar, dark, misty forest, with only their personal things scattered around, the camp and the horses gone. Robert’s pet cat was terrified and Medea was terrified of the cat. Engulfed by the creeping mists they found a path leading to giant stone gates, guarded by huge stone sculptures of warriors, their heads, large carved pieces of stone, lying in the grass. After the group, suspicious, entered through the gate, it slammed shut, the mists still creeping in the forest close by.

The group soon felt a horrible stench, followed and found a corpse of a peasant, with a letter on the body. It was also signed by Kolyan Indirovich, however in a completely different tone, urging to leave Barovia to her demise. Our adventurers buried the body as best as they could and continued down the road, finally leaving the forest and noticing a town far down the hills and strange mountains, with a peak branching off and looming over the town.

However, as the group were hurrying towards the town, the mists surrounded them and started pushing them away, the group also heard pleas for help. It turned out that two small children, a brother and an older sister were terrified and fearing for their mum and dad. Kids told their parents were in the basement fighting a monster and asked to check on their baby brother Walter upstairs. The group all decided to help the children and entered the house, leaving the pet cat to the children, who out of sheer horror refused to go inside.

The House

At the entrance door of the house the group saw a coat of arms with a windmill, then moved through coat room to the main hall, as they were all in a hurry to search for the basement, the baby and just wander, the group scattered around the house.

When some of the adventurers moved up the stairs they heard a harpischord suddenly starting to play upstairs, one of them tried to go to the library, but was distracted by sounds of fighting from upstairs, where others discovered abandoned and dusty areas, and awakened an animated armor. The decorated but sturdy armor almost killed one of the group, but together they finally managed to destroy it and found a hall where harpischord stood but it fell silent.

Then the group found a nursemaid room with a lonely floating in the air figure of pale woman, asking not to disturb Walter and trying to show the path behind the mirror. Robert tried to rock the cradle angering the ghost which swoop through him leaving disturbing feeling.

The group finally found the secret door leading yet again up. In the attic they found storage room with the corpse of the nursemaid violently stabbed to death, Fiercenanda performed her last rites, the group looted the documents of the house and a windmill, found some spell scrolls and shared them. Adventurers also found some other empty rooms and one of them was locked.

Unable to unlock it, they decided to explore the house a little more and went downstairs, discovering the library, a key, some weird bogus cult books and a secret room with a dead corpse, clutching a letter from Lord Strahd stating the cult deserved their fate. In the master bedroom the group found some valuable jewelry and finally went to unlock the room.

Inside the group found bricked up windows, dead bodies of the two children and their ghosts, desperate for love and attention, although unaware of the two similar ghosts or simulations outside. The children showed adventurers in the toy house where to find stairs to the basement, and tried to possess some of them as the group tried to leave. Then our adventurers decided to spend the night to rest and provide some quality time for the dead children’ spirits.

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